“Placing your work in the new human universal – world society”


The workshop will facilitate social-science scholars to (1) share how our research participants are affected by being part of world societies, whose hallmark is increasing inequality, (2) discuss why we are motivated to be a social-science scholar, and how we personally make sense of our research in light of the current conditions of world societies, and (3) consider what a social science that meets these challenges looks like.

Life in Numbers: Reproduction and Demography in Timor-LesteSouth African Waste Pickers in a Globalised Recycling IndustryThe Promised Land: Portuguese Migrants & Transnational SelvesNature on the Brain: environmental exposure and future discounting / Close Encounters with Plastic Marine Debris4 Secrets Hiding in China’s Internal MigrationLiving in an Unequal Global Society: Homelessness in Canterbury


The workshop will involve: a selection of postgraduate research looking at diverse people around the world, in the ways they encounter world societies; group work on embracing research as a personal connection to world society; a debate on the aim of social science; walk in the woods, local food and drinks; keynote by human economist Prof. Keith Hart.

Debate: What is Social Science? Social Science is the endeavour to produce knowledge about people and the societies they live in, including world society. Social Science is an endeavour to participate in social change amongst people and their societies, including world society.

Increasingly our relationships are part of world society. Materially or conceptually, our personal, local and collective lives are increasingly global in nature. However world society today is increasingly unequal, in terms of access, voice, and vision. This is a workshop to consider what people who have chosen to do the science of society -social science- bring to the development of world society. And in collectively coming together, we ask in what direction we will take social science as part of world society?


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