09:30 Registration + Tea/Coffee Foyer
10:00 Welcome: Dr Fragkiskos Filippaios, Associate Dean of Social Sciences GLT3
10:10 Introduction: You Get Out What You Put In

A brief outline of the workshop’s aim and the day’s plan.


Placing your work in the new human universal – world society

Keynote and Q/A with Keith Hart

Professor Keith Hart is a world renowned Economic Anthropologist. His more recent work has focused on the making of ‘World Society’ and in doing so, developing a mode of scholarly enquiry that is both up to this task as well as part of bringing it equitably about.

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11:30 T-Break and Fruit Foyer
11:45 Leading Our Conversation

A selection scholars addressing the diverse lives of their research participants from around the world, sharing how they are affected by being part of a world society whose hallmark is increasing inequality. They may also address why they are motivated to be a social-science scholar, and how they personally make sense of their research in light of the current conditions of world society.

Life in Numbers: Reproduction and Demography in Timor-Leste

Laura Burke

South African Waste Pickers in a Globalised Recycling Industry

Allison Lindner

The Promised Land: Portuguese Migrants & Transnational Selves

Lisa Rodan

Nature on the Brain: environmental exposure and future discounting

Michael Smetana

Close Encounters with Plastic Marine Debris

Sarah Van der Meer

4 Secrets Hiding in China’s Internal Migration

Nina Zhang

Living in an Unequal Global Society: Homelessness in Canterbury

Ruth Auger

Q & A

13:15 Italian Canterbury Lunch

Scrumptious vegan/vegetarian/meat buffet & local apple juices.

14:05 Walk & Talk (Optional)

Digestive walk & opportunity to enjoy aptly named Brotherhood Wood.


Tea and Talk Through Your Research

Groups of five, including one facilitator, in separate rooms. The aim is to address why each person is motivated to be a social-science scholar, and how they personally make sense of their research in light of the current conditions of world society. In conclusion each participant will pick a side of the forthcoming debate and pin a note to the corresponding side of the Debate Wall explaining why they have aligned with that side of the debate.




15:30 T-Break Foyer
15:45 Debate: What is Social Science?

The two sides of the debate will be introduced by the respective speakers and then opened up to individual contributions, followed by a group discussion. The term ‘Social Science’ is purposefully left ambiguous as to whether it refers to one’s individual research, the bureaucratic categorisation and organisation etc. 

Social Science is the endeavour to produce knowledge about people and the societies they live in, including world society.

Led by: Abraham Heinemann


Social Science is an endeavour to participate in social change amongst people and their societies, including world society.

Led by: Marko Barišić

17:00 Checkout

An opportunity for all in attendance to briefly share a concluding proposal and pinning it to the World Society of Social Science Wall.

17:10 Drinks Reception and Goody Bag Foyer
19:00 Dinner in Town (Pre-bookable option not covered by Workshop) TBC